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   The Beginning of a Family Tradition


Who would have ever dreamed that a small flat brass ornament from McDonalds Restaurant dating back to 1982 would have developed into a family tradition. One of my sisters visited McDonalds and purchased 4 small brass "Norman Rockwell" ornaments. She gave one to my mother, and one to each of her sisters.

Every year since that time, each family member has created and enjoyed exchanging a handcrafted Christmas ornament. OverMouse in Nutshell the years, we have added a few new members as nephews have married, and now their wives are involved. I have also exchanged many handmade ornaments with friends and neighbors who have heard of our ornament exchange and wanted to share a treasured handmade ornament as well.

When Christmas time rolls around, one of my most favorite things to do is decorate the tree. Over the years, the many treasured ornaments have graced my Christmas tree.  Each ornament brings such wonderful memories of each artist and their diligent handiwork and talents.  Needless to say, I have been blessed with enough ornaments to place all handmade ornaments on my tree. I love spending time, enjoying the memories, and admiring every ornament. I hope you will enjoy viewing the photos below of our many handcrafted ornaments. Perhaps they will inspire your creativity.

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The Showcase            
Taffeta Stocking

Stocking made of taffeta, sewn with lace edging, metallic ribbon and polyfilled.

Measures 2" x 3"

Tassel Angel

Angel made of gold/white metallic tassel, wings are quilted satin glued to back, tied with metallic braid ending with bells.

Measures 3"

Cross-Stitch Ball

Styrofoam ball covered with cross-stitched center, red fabric boarders, and lace edges.  Pine cone/ribbon accent.

Measures  3"


Ceramic Snow Baby (greenware) handpainted and fired, glittered.

Measures  3"

Macaroni Angel

Painted Farfalle macaroni glued together for wings and gown. Head made with pearl, heavily glittered and halo. Wings covered with light glitter.  Floral red rose.

Measures 2"

Basket filled with mini sewing notions

Basket with lace edge and ribbons. Basket filled with all hand crafted items made to resemble sewing notions such as fabric bolts, braids packages, pin cushion, and tape measure.

Measures 2 1/2"


Handpainted bear made of hydracal, sprayed acrylic finish.

Measures 3"


Head made of pompoms, ears of felt, body of yarn and legs made with pipecleaners.

Measures: nose to tail 3"

Mitten Person

Polar fleece body, hat and scarf.  Tailored to resemble mittens. Face handpainted on 3/4" wooden ball.

Measures 4"


Crafted and carved from weathered fencing contains moss, dry berries, miniature bird.  Some painting and drilling required.

Measures 1 1/2" x 3"

Mouse in Stocking

Felt mouse and stocking hand sewn with lace and shearling.  Carpet thread whiskers.

Measures 2 1/2"


Crocheted bell starched to shape. Accented with red ribbon and pearl clapper.

Measures 3"

Rocking Horse

Canvas mesh covered with yarn in needlepoint stitch. Jeweled star accents attached with glue.

Measures 5"

Gingerbread Man

Wooden gingerbread man handpained with red ribbon hanger.

Measures 4"

Thread Spool Tree

Small wooden craft spools hand wrapped with colored thread glued in shape of Christmas tree.

Measures 2 1/2"

Clay Design--Mary and Baby Jesus

Molded clay with scribed image and handpainted.

Measures 3"


Plastic canvas cut to shape and needle pointed with yarn. Mouth opens to reveal Hershey Kiss.

Measures 2 1/2"

Egg Carton Ball

Egg carton bottoms cut and glued to a small styrofoam ball.  Beads added on long pins.

Measures 4"

Mouse in Apron

Felt mouse stuffed with polyfill, hand sewn garment and bead eyes.

Measures 3 1/2"

Tin Can Angel

Angel uniquely cut from vegetable can lid and bent to shape.  Wooden head measures 1/2" and is covered with hair from kitchen choreball.

Measures - depends on size of lid used.

Satin Ball

Satin ball pinned with lace and beads.

Measures 3 1/2"


Muslin doll with hand painted face. Handsewn garment.

Measures  5"


Ceramic (greenware) hand glazed and fired.

Measures 3 1/2"


Hand crocheted snowflake with red satin ribbon bow and hanger.

Measures 3 1/2"


Styrofoam ball with fabric edges tightly pressed into ball.  Some glue required.

Measures 3"


Sock reindeer is polyfilled, sewn into form with jute bridle and brushed jute hair.  Antlers are fine birch twigs, ears are felt and finished with ribbon necktie.

Measures 4"

Candy Cane

All felt candy cane with holly and glitter.

Measures 4"

Fisherman with package

Hand cut and sewn fisherman shape, poly filled, with dowel fishing pole and felt package.

Measures 4"

Ribbon Bell

Various ribbon sizes interlaced on bell shaped backing.

Measures 4 1/2"

Bear with Candy Cane

Miniature bear glued to crocheted candy cane and hat.

Measures 2"


Crocheted with fine thread in shape of fan, starched, then accented with red ribbon.

Measures 1 1/2"

Sleepy Mouse

Sleepy mouse in walnut shell made of grey pompom with felt arms, ears and tail.  His blanket was painstakenly quarter cross-stitched and trimmed with a red satin binding.

Measures 1 1/2"


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